Petite Fleur

A colourful bed of flowers for a perfect start to the day

Discreet and colourful at the same time, romantic and playful, naturally beautiful: Petite Fleur is a floral decor that impresses with timeless beauty on high-quality premium porcelain. Whether for breakfast or afternoon coffee, with lunch or with dinner – enjoy the variety of this tableware series in Country style at any time of the day.

Natural motifs bring pure joy to every meal

Enchant your dining room with a spring breeze! 

Petite Fleur transforms your table into a refreshing sea of delicate horned violets, daisies, rose hips and forget-me-nots. Carefully scattered, delicate motifs, such as little flowers, cover all pieces of this classic tableware pattern. Bringing nature  into your home.

Organic shapes for a stylish ambience

The filigree blossom motifs perfectly blend in with the smoothly-curved shapes of the Petite Fleur porcelain. A part of the Manoir collection, this pattern has also been created after our basic form ‘Louis XIV’.

Petite Fleur coffee mug

Petite Fleur breakfast plate

Petite Fleur dinner plate

Petite Fleur soup plate

Petite Fleur muesli bowl

Petite Fleur tea cup

Petite Fleur coffee cup

Petite Fleur dessert bowl 12 cm

Petite Fleur coffee cup saucer

Petite Fleur tea cup saucer

Petite Fleur mocha/espresso cup

Petite Fleur mocha/espresso cup saucer