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Discover the advantages of our ceramics 

Kitchen sinks have to withstand a lot, coming into daily contact with acidic foods, sharp cooking implements and hot pots. This makes the quality of the material even more important. With a Villeroy & Boch ceramic sink, you are benefiting from around 270 years of experience, revolutionary production techniques and 100% natural raw materials. Bringing you maximum comfort combined with minimal maintenance effort and incomparable durability.

Hygienic and food-safe

The natural material is odour- and taste-neutral and therefore absolutely food-safe.

Resistant to scratches and cuts

The high-quality surface is so robust that even knives leave hardly any traces.

Resistant to impacts

The material's high stability allows you to easily be a little more heavy-handed at times when putting down pots or pans.

Remarkably heat resistant

Hot baking dishes leave no trace on Villeroy & Boch ceramic sinks.

Very easy-care

Our ceramics are very easy to clean. The CeramicPlus finish means that dirt and limescale come away almost by themselves.

Amazing acid resistance

Our ceramic can easily withstand contact with acidic food or household cleaners.

Light-fast in every colour

Even after long exposure to intensive sunshine, our ceramic colours stay just as beautiful as on the very first day.

Amazing stain resistance

Food and drinks leave no permanent marks on the surface of our ceramic sinks.

Find out for yourself and discover our wide selection of high-quality ceramic sinks in many different versions.

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