Fruity-coloured summer greetings for every season

Our Country Series pattern Cottage will conjure up a refreshing and colourful summer feeling on your table, throughout the year. The inspired-by-nature fruit elements that appear on the premium porcelain tableware are a real eye-catcher – on any breakfast and coffee table.

The pure joy of fruits

Fresh fruit – always a real treat. Whether outside in your own garden or inside the house: Cottage will bring idyllic country life into your home. The traditional tableware design is decorated with cherries, raspberries, brambleberries, blueberries and red currants with delicate leaves. The scattered motifs in a luminous red and a bright blue combine to create a cheerful blaze of colour.

Organic, Country-Style shapes

The appeal of the Cottage decor, which is shaped after our successful base form ‘Louis XIV’, lies in its gentle, natural curves. The interplay of the gently-scattered designs and the relief-like, wavy lines results in harmonious unity.