Villeroy&Boch toilets and WCs

Elegant design and seating comfort.

Villeroy & Boch for a designer toilet

Be it for a new build or renovation, toilets from Villeroy & Boch come in many different designs. Therefore, there are a few factors you need to consider to ensure you find the designer toilet best suited to your needs. For instance, the installation method for the ceramic sanitary ware mainly depends on the structural requirements of your bathroom, whereas the type of flushing device is simply a matter of taste. The look and style that you want to convey with your designer toilet depends on your aesthetic preferences and should complement your washbasin, shower tray and bath to create a harmonious whole.

Installation type

Ceramic sanitary ware can be installed in two different ways: the designer toilets can either be hung on the wall or attached to the floor. Whether you choose a standing or wall-mounted toilet depends on the structural requirements of your bathroom. Floor-standing toilets have a stable base and can be complemented by a ceramic cistern. The outlet of a standing toilet can be either in the floor or in the wall, making this type of installation perfect for both types of water drains. Normally, modern bathrooms have a horizontal outlet where the water pipe goes directly into the wall. However, water flows vertically into the floor with a vertical outlet.

The wall toilet has become the most popular installation type. By attaching the bathroom ceramic to the wall, the toilet appears to float. Wall-mounted toilets ensure that neither the flushing pipe nor the supply pipe can be seen from the outside. The cistern often also disappears behind the installation system. Furthermore, wall toilets are very easy to clean. However, this version is only possible with a horizontal water drain. Wall-mounted toilets from Villeroy & Boch can be installed very easily using SupraFix. The patented wall attachment system conceals all installation elements in the ceramic and ensures that you can align the toilet seat with the toilet bowl easily with millimetre precision to suit your needs.

The surfaces

Cleanliness and hygiene are extremely important in bathrooms. Innovative finishing processes provide durable, smooth and virtually scratch-proof surfaces that make it very difficult for dirt and limescale to stick. Thanks to sophisticated surface finishes, the Villeroy & Boch bathroom ceramics feature exceptional cleaning qualities. CeramicPlus makes cleaning toilets extremely easy. The dirt-resistant surface for ceramics lets drops of water form into beads, which then simply drain away. AntiBac provides extra hygiene. Toilets equipped with the surface technology provide lasting protection against bacteria.

The design

Round, oval or square/rectangular: the designer toilets from Villeroy & Boch are available in a wide selection of toilet bowl shapes. Round toilets are very comfortable to sit on, which makes them a very popular choice. Square/rectangular toilets have a modern touch. Their clean design adds a stylish touch to the bathroom. This toilet shape is also comfortable to sit on. Compact toilets are not as deep, so they can fit in even the smallest of bathrooms. Their space-saving shape also makes them perfect for guest bathrooms.

The quality

The well-made design of the bathroom ceramics from Villeroy & Boch goes hand in hand with premium quality. Selected materials and sophisticated manufacturing processes ensure that the stylish toilets can be enjoyed for a long time while the high product quality provides you with your very own feel-good moments.

From soft close toilet seats to shower toilets

Enjoy exceptional comfort with exclusive bathroom ceramics and clever toilet seats from Villeroy & Boch. The sensor-controlled soft closing mechanism, integrated night light and adjustable set heating make going to the toilet a more pleasant experience. The longer toilets are particularly comfortable to sit on. Moreover, these longer models from Villeroy & Boch are also the perfect bathroom solution for wheelchair users and their needs. The special shape makes it significantly easier to change seats, therefore greatly simplifying this daily necessity. Furthermore, Villeroy & Boch toilets with ViFresh add extra freshness after every flush. The hygiene solution embedded directly in the bathroom ceramic provides a fresh fragrance and the right amount of care each time you flush. Shower toilets from Villeroy & Boch provide a special kind of luxury. The nice, warm water jet, which can be adjusted individually, enables an all-round hygienic wash. A well-made design that doesn’t reveal the practical bidet function from the outside rounds off the luxurious experience of the shower toilet.