Shower toilets from Villeroy & Boch

Innovative shower toilets from Villeroy & Boch

Shower toilets – added comfort in the bathroom

Experience a completely new feeling of cleanliness and freshness with a shower toilet each time you use the toilet. Shower toilets combine conventional toilets with a shower function and meet the highest hygiene demands for intimate washes. A warm and gentle water jet is responsible for the wash and all you have to do is just dry yourself afterwards. This is the perfect way to enjoy refreshing cleanliness. Shower toilets from Villeroy & Boch are available with a wealth of pleasant features. Clever functions and easy-to-use elements provide maximum comfort in the bathroom, which you will soon not want to be without. The practical bidet function is integrated into the ceramic so that you cannot see the pleasant features the toilet provides from the outside. The pared-down design allows this piece of sanitary ware to blend in elegantly with any interior style. ViClean – these are the innovative shower toilets from Villeroy & Boch, which provide a luxurious experience even in your home.

Shower toilets – the modern method for intimate cleansing

Shower toilets are a contemporary version of a toilet. They combine the conventional ceramic toilet bowl with a bidet. Bidets are already a standard tool for intimate cleansing in Japan and southern Europe, and are even becoming increasingly popular in our part of the world. The bidet function is an essential part of the innovative shower toilet. After the toilet has been used, a water jet is activated, which cleans the intimate area gently and thoroughly. If the model has a hot air dryer, then a fan will gently dry the clean body regions.

Innovation leads to benefits

By providing an innovative method for intimate hygiene, you will benefit greatly without having to change your habits. This is because the state-of-the-art hygiene toilets basically work like standard toilets.

Water for cleaning: the health aspect

Fresh water is the epitome of purity. Whether used for taking a shower, a bath or for brushing your teeth, water is indispensable when it comes to personal hygiene. The novel shower toilet capitalises on its cleansing effect for intimate care. Water also cleans intimate areas much more thoroughly and effectively than toilet paper. Therefore, this innovative type of toilet provides an all-round clean and fresh feeling that lasts all day long. Furthermore, toilet paper can cause irritation, itching and even inflammation in the sensitive skin areas. The bidet function removes all kinds of bacteria and germs in the sensitive body areas effectively and gently. Moreover, pure water without any additives helps allergy sufferers who are then no longer subjected to any stresses and strains. Shower toilets provide huge health benefits in this way.


People with limited mobility who find it difficult to go to the toilet and to carry out the ensuing intimate care benefit from the comfortable functions of the shower toilets. Thanks to the cleansing water jet, they no longer need to rely on the help of others and can regain some quality of life. Therefore, this type of intimate care also contributes to accessibility.

How to install shower toilets

If you want to install a shower toilet with comfort features such as a warm water jet and seat heating in your bathroom, then you will need to have a power connection nearby. The hygiene toilet also has to be connected to the water supply.

Shower toilets are not only an innovative bathroom solution if you are planning a renovation or new build. In addition to the all-in-one system, you can also retrofit your existing ceramic toilet with these additional comfort features. As soon as you have connected your bidet toilet to the water and electricity supply, you can enjoy a new feeling of cleanliness on your existing ceramic sanitary ware. So you can benefit from this touch of luxury even in a rented flat.

Villeroy & Boch shower toilets

The shower toilets from Villeroy & Boch are all rimless thanks to DirectFlush, which provides a very thorough flushing action. Furthermore, the toilets with a rimless design can be cleaned more thoroughly, ensuring maximum hygiene standards. The CeramicPlus surface finish makes cleaning much easier and also has an antibacterial effect. By using high-quality materials such as Quaryl and Duroplast, the toilets with bidet function can easily withstand general household use. In addition to meeting the highest comfort and hygiene standards, the shower toilets from Villeroy & Boch also satisfy aesthetic demands. ViClean features a revolutionary design, where the comfort functions are integrated in the ceramic instead of the toilet seat. Discover the bathroom revolution with its many different models and enjoy thorough cleanliness and long-lasting freshness.

ViClean-I 100

ViClean-I 100 comes with the HarmonicWave shower jet, which you can control individually, and features an elegant and modern design. QuickRelease allows you to simply remove the toilet seat for cleaning.

Shower toilet
Shower toilets