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Bathroom furniture from Villeroy&Boch

A beautiful way to make the best use of space

Bathroom furniture from Villeroy&Boch
A beautiful way to make the best use of space

Furniture is an essential design element in a bathroom. It forms the perfect framework for the bathroom ceramics and provides plenty of storage space and convenience. It should, therefore, always match the interior style and ceramics. Villeroy & Boch has bathroom furniture in all sizes, shapes, colours and designs. 

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Vanity units

Vanity units Subway London

The space savers from Villeroy & Boch ensure that everything you need will always be close at hand, right under the washbasin. Even the smallest of bathrooms will become tidier with more space.

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Bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets

The high-quality bathroom cabinets add a stylish and practical touch to the room. Choose from many different designs, sizes and colours.

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Bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirrors from Villeroy & Boch are a stylish way to make a room look bigger and the perfect stage for your reflection. Whether large or small, straight lines or playful, illuminated or even with storage space.

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Which piece of bathroom furniture suits you best?

Furniture plays a key role when planning your dream bathroom, so you need to consider it very carefully. Ask yourself a few basic questions when planning your bathroom:

Space creates a sense of well-being

How much storage space do you need? A family bathroom, for example, needs a lot more storage surface than a guest bathroom. Bear in mind that storage space not only means you will be able to find everything quickly and easily in your bathroom, but that it also makes the bathroom look neat and tidy. A tidy bathroom always looks more spacious and elegant than an untidy one – regardless of how large or small the room is. If you want to see your dream bathroom in great detail before finalising it, then our bathroom planner is just the thing for you.

Perfect combinations

Would you like to combine bathroom furniture with sanitary ware? Then you have come to the right place. Villeroy & Boch has an excellent selection of stylish furniture and bathroom ceramics that match perfectly. Allowing you, for example, to combine the Artis surface-mounted washbasin with the Venticello vanity unit.

Colours and surfaces

Even small bathrooms look more spacious and harmonious when wall and floor tiles come together in one colour scheme. Bathroom furniture in a contrasting colour adds a fresh and modern touch to the room. Usually all that's needed is one small detail. Which surfaces you choose is a matter of taste: warm wood contrasts well with ceramics, a modern high-gloss finish creates a more uniform look.

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