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ViClean: Advantages and functions

The highlights of ViClean-I 200

Villeroy & Boch ViClean-I 200 dryer function

Dryer function: warm breeze for

You would always choose the complete wash and dry package in the car wash – so what about your comfort shower toilet? With our ComfortDry dryer function, the ViClean-I 200 offers complete personal care with a gentle and warm flow of air.

  • Hygienic: pleasant flow of air instead of paper
  • Precise: extendable dryer nozzle dries more effectively than a simple air vent
  • Always pleasant: adjustable dryer temperature
Villeroy & Boch ViClean-I 200 heated seat

Heated toilet seat: all-round comfort

Underfloor heating is an essential feature for a wellness bathroom – and in a wellness toilet? The heated seat of the ViClean-I 200 can be adjusted to five temperature settings and heats up in seconds. The only disadvantage for other family members: it invites you to stay for a while.

  • Cosy: warmth is distributed evenly over the toilet seat
  • Clever: optional eco mode that reduces the temperature when not in use to save electricity 
  • Configurable: choice of five temperature settings
Villeroy & Boch ViClean-I 200 usage recognition

Usage recognition: ready when you are

Almost as ingenious – the light in the fridge comes on only when you open the door. The principle behind the ViClean-I 200’s integrated usage recognition: it ensures that all functions can only be started when someone is actually using the shower toilet.

  • Discreet: sensor integrated invisibly in the toilet seat
  • Smart: functions linked to usage recognition
  • Safe: no accidental activation of the shower nozzle

ViClean-I 100 vs ViClean-I 200

Whichever ViClean shower toilet you decide on – you’ve made an excellent choice! Our table shows a quick and convenient comparison of the two ViClean models.


ViClean-I 100

ViClean-I 200
Shower function
Rear wash
3 flow types
3 flow types
Lady wash
3 flow types
3 flow types
Comfort shower
Harmonic Wave
Harmonic Wave
Temperature setting
5 levels
5 levels
strength & shower nozzle position
5 levels
5 levels
Automatic cleaning of the shower nozzle before and after use
DirectFlush technology
CeramicPlus finish
QuickRelease mechanism
InvisibleJet technology
Duroplast toilet seat
ComfortDry warm air dryer
Seat heating
Usage recognition
SoftClosing function
User profiles with individual settings
Remote control
ViClean app

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