Shower toilets from Villeroy & Boch

Cleanliness and freshness from the experts

Fresh, clear water represents cleanliness and hygiene. In the bathroom, it is used for refreshing showers and warm, relaxing baths, as well as for shaving and brushing teeth. With the new shower toilets, you can enjoy that same pleasant, clean feeling after using the toilet. ViClean shower toilets include a bidet function that provides a warm and gentle spray of cleansing water from a nozzle underneath the toilet seat. All you need to do is dry yourself using a soft towel or toilet paper. Shower toilets provide intimate cleansing while protecting the skin and offering ultimate hygiene.

Ingeniously discreet. Refreshingly pleasant.

Less is more: and the same applies to the revolutionary design of Villeroy & Boch’s ViClean-I 100 shower-toilet. The innovative bidet technology concealed inside the toilet is almost invisible from the outside. The elegant design of the ViClean-I 100 shower-toilet lends itself to a wide variety of bathroom styles. 

Maximum comfort, maximum hygiene

The inner workings of this shower-toilet reveal a wide range of practical functions you would expect from a modern bidet. The temperature and intensity of the bidet shower can be adjusted with the remote control or through the app - allowing you to enjoy the pampering pleasure of gentle cleaning with warm water with every trip to the bathroom.

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Product highlights

  • Modern shower-toilet with an elegant design
  • Individually adjustable HarmonicWave bidet sprayer
  • Simple operation using the provided remote control or through the app
  • Featuring DirectFlush technology for optimum hygiene
  • CeramicPlus surface finish to repel dirt and bacteria
  • QuickRelease for easy removal of the toilet seat


Villeroy & Boch designs: innovation from the pro.


Intuitive operation

Operating your ViClean shower toilet is simple with a remote control or the convenient smartphone app. The remote control features an intuitive, self-explanatory design, and the ViClean app allows you to save your personal user profile. Activate the bidet spray nozzle with the touch of a button and enjoy the gentle cleansing action of the shower toilet.


Revolutionary design

The ViClean shower-toilet impresses with its innovative design. The bidet technology is integrated in the ceramic bowl of the shower-toilet instead of the toilet seat. This means that from the outside, these bidet toilets look just like any other toilet.


Perfect hygiene

ViClean shower toilets meet the highest hygiene standards. The shower nozzle integrates seamlessly in the cover and is rinsed with fresh water after each use. Since the ViClean-I 100 DirectFlush toilet does not have a  rim, it allows for a particularly thorough flush. The surfaces are finished with CeramicPlus and repel water and dirt.


Shower functions

ViClean shower-toilets offer a wide range of functions for maximum comfort and ultimate hygiene in the bathroom. Bidet options include a rear wash and a lady wash for intimate areas. The HarmonicWave rinse jet provides a gentle and thorough cleaning experience. Temperature, intensity and position of the spray jet can easily be adjusted using the remote control or app.

Why choose Villeroy & Boch

ViClean from Villeroy & Boch perfectly combines elegant design with technical innovation and maximum comfort.

High quality

High-quality materials such as Quaryl® and Duroplast are robust and ideal for everyday use.

ViClean-I 100 convinces various expert juries

The innovative design of the shower toilet not only impressed the jury of the Red Dot Award 2018. ViClean-I 100 also won two German Brand Awards 2018 in the “Heating & Bathroom” and “Brand Innovation of the Year” categories.

Perfect hygiene

ViClean from Villeroy & Boch perfectly combines elegant design with technical innovation and maximum comfort.


Fully informed: find answers to lots of questions about ViClean shower toilets here.

What are the advantages of cleaning with water instead of toilet paper?

Cleaning with water has the following advantages:
- Cleaning with water is the most thorough and natural method of personal hygiene and is ideal for sensitive genital areas.

- Water provides a gentle cleansing action and creates a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

- Water avoids skin irritations, itchiness and inflammations that can arise due to friction from dry toilet paper or chemicals, fragrances and preservatives in wet wipes.

- It makes personal hygiene generally easier and better, in particular for people with restricted mobility.

What colours are ViClean and the matching ceramic toilet available in?

ViClean and the ceramic toilet are available in White Alpin. Villeroy & Boch's CeramicPlus surface finish makes the toilet easier to clean.

Does ViClean use the SoftClosing technology?

Yes. All models are fitted with the innovative SoftClosing technology to ensure gentle and silent closing of the lid and seat.

ViClean uses water and electricity. Does this pose any risk?

No. In Europe, there are extensive regulations governing use of water and electricity in devices. ViClean naturally meets all legal requirements.

Can I use ViClean even during a power cut?

In the event of a power cut, the shower functions will not be available. However, flushing is still possible and you can use it like any conventional toilet.

What material is ViClean-I 100 made from?

Material and material properties:
• Seat and lid: stable and scratch-resistant Duroplast
• Toilet bowl: robust and durable ceramic
• Shower nozzle panel: hygienic Quaryl®
• Shower nozzle: corrosion-resistant aluminium

Can I adjust the water temperature?

You can adjust the water temperature in five settings from 30-40 °C. Simply set the temperature using the remote control in expert mode or the ViClean app.

Can I operate the shower functions directly on the shower toilet as well?

No, there is no control panel on the shower toilet. It is operated using the remote control or ViClean app.

Do I need to switch ViClean on and off again each time I use the toilet?

No, this is not necessary. ViClean is very energy-efficient thanks to an intelligent energy-management system.

What is the level of water consumption in comparison to a conventional toilet?

The toilet uses just 3 to 4.5 litres of water per flush, like any other modern toilet. An additional small volume of water is required for cleansing of the genital area. Although this means that water consumption is slightly higher in comparison with a traditional toilet, it does greatly reduce consumption of toilet paper. The overall ecological balance is clear - from raw materials to production and use and ultimate disposal of the product.

What is the battery life for the ViClean-I 100 remote control?

Depending on usage, the standard AAA batteries will last for up to 12 months.

Care instructions

Follow our cleaning and care tips to ensure lasting pleasure with your Villeroy & Boch ViClean shower toilet.

Cleaning your shower toilet

For regular care of your shower toilet, we recommend a neutral cleaning product and a soft cloth or sponge. Please do not use any acidic or corrosive cleaning products, abrasive cleansers or coarse sponges/cloths. For detailed cleaning advice, please refer to the operating instructions.

Cleaning the nozzle

The nozzle is cleaned automatically with water before and after each use. To avoid coarse contamination, do not start the shower functions until after you have used the toilet.  ViClean also has a manual cleaning function. The shower nozzle extends but no water flows. The shower nozzle head can also be removed for easy and thorough cleaning.