A shower provides a swift means of freshening up. Showers consume little water and energy. When choosing your shower, consider the users' needs:

  • For children and elderly people, for example, it is easier to enter the shower when the shower tray is flush with the floor. For this purpose, you need an outlet in the floor.
  • An advantage of higher shower trays is that you can enjoy a foot bath or sit in the tray and they can be used for bathing children.
  • Showers in the same width as your bath can be connected to the bath with a smooth joint.

Shower trays

Shower trays are generally produced in sanitary ceramics or modern plastics such as acrylic and Quaryl®.

Sanitary ceramics are extremely resistant and hard-wearing, simplicity itself to clean, exceptionally stable and durable. Plastic shower trays feel warmer underfoot than ceramic ones. There are square, rectangular, pentagonal and quadrant shower trays, corresponding to the various collections.

Shower partitions

Shower partitions prevent flooding of the bathroom, high-quality products combining functionality with design. Glass and frameless constructions provide increased transparency in the bathroom. Toughened safety glass is impact- and shock-resistant. Shower partitions are available with revolving, swinging, folding and sliding doors.